How Sustainable MED Cities answers to Covid-19 situation?


Two years after the start of the pandemic, almost every company in the world has been affected by COVID-19. So we do.

In our case, all partners work from home combined with office work. That means we have been using more online meetings to communicate internally within teams.

It was not really a big change as we were used to performing virtual meetings to communicate with partners.

What has slowed down or made the work more difficult sometimes are COVID-19 cases of work colleagues, which in certain months has unfortunately been very frequent.

However, the most significant change has been in the Project Meeting performance, where we met with all the partners in these project development meetings. They were very good for making personal contact and strengthening network, which helps to work more fluently.

At the moment, the first Project Meeting (Kick-Off Meeting, October, Barcelona) was held in a hybrid way. The partners from Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan and Spain were present in person, while NOA from Greece participated in it virtually. It was possible because of there were not many COVID-19 cases in Catalonia, so the rest of the partners had no restrictions to travel to Barcelona and return to their countries.

However, we are currently preparing the 2nd Project Meeting in Irbid (Jordan), and the scenario is different: there are more restrictions to travel and worse flight connections. So, it is quite possible that this 2nd Project Meeting will be held online.

We hope that the 3rd Project Meeting will be held in person recovering the good habits we had before COVID-19, always adapting to the circumstances of the moment.


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