TEX-MED ALLIANCES project grows with a new dyeing equipment for SMEs


The SMEs involved in the TEX-MED ALLIANCES (TMA) project now have the possibility to carry out dyeing tests, free of charge, thanks to the new equipment installed at the Textile Technical Centre, CETTEX in Monastir, Tunisia. CETTEX is one of the TMA partners. 

This has become a reality thanks to the "Dyeing Small Batches", one of the initiatives being implemented by the European project. On this occasion, the goal is to provide a valid solution to one of the problems detected.

According to the official document of the "Dyeing small batches" initiative, Mediterranean micro, small and medium companies have to cope with several constraints because of their limited size and capacity. In particular, they had hard access for small orders of raw materials (fabric in particular) at reasonable prices. Also, SMEs had difficulties of adding value to their products by good quality of finishing because of the small size of their batches (cost and technical constrains) as well as the low competence in the field of dying (tests and production).    

The goal of "Dyeing Small Batches" initiative is to provide SMEs with appropriate equipment, expertise and facilities to overcome these weaknesses. The equipment has finally arrived at the “Technological Resource Centre” (CRT) in Monastir, managed by CETTEX resources with the support of experts and is now available to companies that request it.

The equipment can be used for small quantities and for testing. Tentatively all tests and dying activities will be done free of charge or at a minimum reimbursement cost.


For more details on how to participate SMEs have to follow the procedure available in the link below PROCEDURE

Before sending your request for Dyeing or finishing you have to fill out the form available in the link below: FORM