iHERITAGE sheds light on the dynamics of UNESCO ecosystems for social solidarity, accountability, and awareness at the annual World Tourism Event


The Sicilian Tourism Department presented the iHERITAGE Project on the 24th of September at the FOCUS 2021 - UNESCO cities and sites-, which took place within the 2021 edition of WTE | World Tourism Event. 

The aim of the Focus was to highlight the dynamics of UNESCO ecosystems, as a lever of social cohesion, responsibility and awareness of the importance of a balanced relationship between conservation and development, the value of the economy [including tourism] that is generated and how the latter can and must be the precondition for many laboratories of innovation, where businesses are born, strengthened and grow.

Daniele Licciardello, staff member of the General Manager of the Sicilian Region's Tourism, Sport and Entertainment Department, contributed to the meeting dedicated to "Sicily! UNESCO Heritage and Community", presenting the iHERITAGE Project and highlighting the synergies that can be developed with other projects for the enhancement of UNESCO heritage in Sicily.

Specifically, the iHERITAGE project will be consistent with the path already undertaken with the project "Agri Gentium.  Landscape regeneration" activated within the extraordinary setting of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. The project won, in 2017, the National Landscape Award announced by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and a special mention in the V session of the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe.

Make sure to catch us at EXPO DUBAI 2020 where the Sicilian Region will be promoting iHERITAGE next!