MEDISS making progress on the water desalination pilot plant installation in the area of Wadi Araba, Jordan

Laura Stara, CRENoS

In September 2021, Aqaba Water Company, MEDISS Jordanian partner, through its contractor, proceeded in the installation of a new component in the Al Risha Desalination Plant.

The new plant component consists of long-lasting reverse osmosis membranes that produce desalinated brackish water that will be used in irrigation and domestic use in the arid area of Wadi Araba, south of Jordan. 

This plant is expected to produce 50 cubic meters per hour of desalinated water, which will contribute to mitigate water scarcity and the water quality deterioration problem in Wadi Araba.


Moving into a purely technical dimension

The Desalination System Work consists of: 
-    Desalination plant with a reverse osmosis unit system 
-    Pumping units to feed the sand filter (i.e. valves and check valves);
-    Compact vertical Multi-Media sand filter 
-    Pumping units for backwashing filter 
-    5 micron filters 
-    High-pressure pump 
-    Antiscalant Dosing pump to inhibit the formation and precipitation of crystallized mineral salts;
-    Acid Dosing pump and Caustic soda Dosing pump used to alter the pH of the water being treated;

The supplied and installed different devices are used to:
-    Measure the conductivity of raw water;
-    Measure the conductivity for desalinated water;
-    PH meter for raw water after the acid injection
-    Measure a flow meter on brine line.

Electrical work
In the pilot site, the electrical panel manufacturing started as soon as the equipment and drawing were approved. Also, the electrical float switches and the High-pressure switch have been supplied and installed. 

Mechanical work
The Desalination Plant has been supplied with all required furniture and all the necessary material. 


Al Risha Desalination Plant