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Nawamed project will be presented by Svi.Med.onlus, partner of the project, during the event: Water and Climate – Common Coordinates for a dialogue between Europe and Africa

According with the aim of the conference, Nawamed will present in brief the main activities planned for the next 3 years for starting networking with other relevant actors at Mediterranean level, promoting the  adoption of innovative, sustainable and low-cost technologies and measures for the use of non-conventional water resources for domestic purposes. will show the main activities related to technical and economic feasibility of nature-based and low-cost solutions, such as living green walls, to treat non-conventional water resources in schools, universities, public facilities and in a refugee camp planned into the Nawamed project.

In recent years, international cooperation has invested increasing resources on the issue of local governance with the aim of promoting and strengthening the capacities of local authority. In particular, the local governance of water services has been consolidated as a catalyst for local development to generate and implement policies and services that are better suited to the needs of different contexts. Good governance of water services generates long-term impacts on the economic, social and political processes which establishes, even at the global level, relationships between territories and communities. Through the dialogue between European and African experts, the international round table on “WATER AND CLIMATE - Common coordinates for a dialogue between Europe and Africa” intends to conduct participants in the analysis and comparisons of the different models of governance of water services, local good practices as well as challenges that are, nowadays, crucial issues for sustainable development.

The event is organized by Hydroaid - International School of Water for Development, in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Turin and the Arco Latino network, thanks the financial support of the Autorità d'Ambito n.3 "Torinese". The event is  host by the Palazzo Cisterna, Torino the next 21st and 22nd of November.

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