Egypt: TEX-MED ALLIANCES project present new cooperation initiatives for the Mediterranean textile industry’


Alexandria, the Mediterranean capital city of Egypt became, for a few hours, the seat of TEX-MED ALLIANCES projects on the 27th of September. Representatives of around 50 Egyptian textile companies were able to learn more about the initiatives that are underway.

In the words of Susanna Leonelli, Project Coordinator, “the purpose of the event was to promote, to Egyptian textile companies, our ongoing ENI CBC Med Initiatives for Fashion Restart, Circular Economy and Health Emergency”. 

But, the real point of Alexandria's event was to explain new projects related to Fashion Restart. This initiative aims to boost textile fashion in the framework of the Mediterranean Sea, by promoting cooperation, interculturality, and good practices in terms of sustainability. Fashion Restart is also designed to encourage strategic alliances between the different actors in the textile industry. 

Within this initiative, various activities are being developed, including a new platform: TheMedNew, which attracted a lot of attention from the business people attending the event. In fact, at the end of the conference, the TEX-MED ALLIANCES speakers received several applications from Egyptian companies to join TheMedNew Initiative and the request of one-to-one meetings from enterprises. But nothing more was said about it because the TheMedNew team is finalizing the details for the launch of this new fashion platform.

Stay tuned for more news and reserve the afternoon of 5 November to attend a Mediterranean birth.