NAWAMED project will be presented during the professional training course "Sustainable architecture and systemic approach"

Barbara Sarnari, vice president of Svi.Med. Onlus, partner of NAWAMED, will present the project and the related pilot activity foreseen in a school of Ferla, during a training course addressed to architects, designers, university students, creatives, companies who want to make sustainable choices for the protection of well-being of environment and people.

According with the aim of the course, Barbara Sarnari will talk about the adoption of innovative, sustainable and low-cost technologies and measures for the use of non-conventional water resources for domestic purposes, showing the pilot installation that will arise in the school Valle dell’Anapo in Ferla, a living green wall to treat non-conventional water resources for the reuse of water from sinks for discharges into toilets. The event will be the occasion for introducing the project and the related activities that will be deepened during the further months thanks to tailored workshops and technical visits to the pilot plant for better understanding the proposed solution.

The event is coordinated by the architect Carmelo Chiaramonte, expert in permaculture and bio-architecture, in collaboration with the Municipality of Ferla, the order of architects and the order of engineers of Syracuse. The event will be hosted by Centro Olistico, Ferla, next 19th of September.

For further details, download here the agenda (in italian language).

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