Mises à jour de la communauté NEX-LABS - Inscrivez-vous à la 3e édition de l'International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge!

Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge

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Among its ambitious goals,  the NEX-LABS project aims at identifying best practices and boosting the application of ICT such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, Internet or the Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Big Data to tackle the challenges of implementing clean technologies for sustainable and resilient growth of agri-food sector production in the Mediterranean. 

To do so, the project is establishing synergies with related initiatives and has started to build a vibrant community around NEX-LABS to facilitate the knowledge exchange and the networking among stakeholders such as companies, start-ups, students and researchers form universities and research institutes. 

The 3rd edition of the International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge represents an occasion for AI experts to test themselves in an online challenge to virtually grow lettuce and judge lettuce images in different growth stages and the NEX-LABS project encourages its community to register and actively participate in the contest.

In fact, the ever-growing world population gives rise to an increased demand for fresh and healthy food. Autonomous greenhouses and remote digital
farming can help feed more people with vitamin and mineral rich produces, increase food security and produce more vegetables with fewer resources such as water and energy. 

Registration for the Online Challenge will be open from 15 April 2021 to 20 May 0:00 GMT.

Visit the Autonomous Greenhouses International Challenge 3rd website for more information on the rules and registration.

The NEX-LABS team wishes you Good Luck with the Challenge!