[MENAWARA] Le Règlement UE sur la réutilisation de l’eau


Approved by European Parliament, the Regulation on the reuse of water enters into force: it defines defines the minimum requirements at European level for the first time for recovery water (i.e. urban waste water that has been treated in a reclamation plant) by use for agricultural purposes safely, protecting people and the environment. See the minimun requirements Regulation published on Official Journal of the European Union.

MENAWARA project promotes the opportunities codified by the Regulation: 

  • increasing water availability in a sustainable way; 
  • delivering energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from water treatment;
  • contributing to climate change adaptation. 

Challenges associated with water reuse include affordability and public acceptability, and aim to contribute to alleviating water scarcity by ensuring that reclaimed water used in agricultural irrigation is safe for its intended use.