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ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM is a project from ENI CBC Med Programme that aims to enhance agro-food alliances, promote business and SME development among Euro-Mediterranean economic clusters and stakeholders.

7 partners + 7 associated partners of both shores of the Mediterranean will join forces, under the leadership of the Jordan Ministry of Agriculture, to accomplish this great endeavor! 

Exciting right? Keep reading to know more about them! 

Jordan Ministry of Agriculture  وزارة الزراعة الاردنية - Jordan - Lead Partner

Ministry of Agriculture is the authority responsible for the agricultural sector, rural development & links the production to domestic and external market requirements. Its functions are to enhance plant production, plant pest control, forestry and rangeland protection, livestock health, veterinary quarantine and issue related instructions & regulations.

Ministry's Vision: The ministry focuses on delivering efficient, high-quality agricultural services that meet citizen needs.

Ministry's Mission: The ministry aims to promote and build the institutional & individual capacities of the ministry and to organize the agricultural sector in line with national goals.

Ministry's Goals:

  • To be an Efficient and Effective ministry
  • Pursue a Globally competitive in the private sector
  • Promote a Safe & stable society
  • Actives farmers with a sense of belonging

Our Role in the Organic Ecosystem Project: Jordan is the leader of the Project, responsible for overall coordination, management and implementation of the Project, also assumes the sole responsibility for the entire project with the MA.

Our main tasks are:

  • Be responsible for the financial, administrative and legal management of the project. 
  • Monitor the project and - focusing on a partnership approach and with a timeframe perspective - is the key to achieve the objectives and to report to the MA and JTS. 
  • Draw up periodic reports to provide a full account of all project aspects 
  • Host the 1st meeting in JO and prepares the Agreement which is signed by all members during the meeting. 
  • Organize a press conference to promote the international business event on innovative experiences. 
  • Organize a national seminar to assess organic MSMEs needs and to actively involve national actors in the Organic Ecosystem 
  • Carry out a survey to identify key organic agro-food stakeholders, with attention to youth and women. 
  • Organize an event on H2020 and EU Programs aiming at building effective alliances for accessing funding opportunities. 
  • Prepare a cross-border call to be validated during the 4th Organic Ecosystem seminar (Greece) and launched on PPs and APs websites and social media, where MSMEs, professional associations, researchers, are expected to participate especially, young entrepreneurs and women. The PPs will select at least 3 MSMEs/countries to promote the most innovative organic business alliances during an international organic fair.

More info: www.moa.gov.jo

Jordan Exporters and Producers Association for Fruit and Vegetables (JEPA) الجمعية الأردنية لمصدري ومنتجي الخضاروالفواكه - Jordan - P1 

JEPA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization and it is the only business association in the horticulture sector in Jordan. The association board of directors is composed of volunteer members elected every three years by the general assembly of JEPA.
Our mission is to improve the competitiveness of fresh Jordanian horticultural products in both domestic and international markets by providing high-quality technical services and information. It seeks to enhance business and business practices between all stakeholders in the horticultural sector.

JEPA provides types of services, all geared to improve the Jordanian horticultural fresh produce and increase its added value and quality.
More info www.jepa.org.jo

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and the Bekaa (CCIAZ) غرفة التجارة والصناعة والزراعة في البقاع وزحلة - Lebanon - P2 

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and the Beqaa (CCIAZ) is a non-profit organization working for the public interest. It was created in 1939 at the agreement and request of a group of merchants and industrialists.

The CCIAZ represents, in general, the interests of the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors in the Bekaa Valley. It gathers more than 4000 active members.

The Chamber of Zahle and Bekaa offers a wide range of services: besides the issuance of certificates of origin and members’ registration, it is also offering direct support to:

  • Farmers through extension services and development projects.
  • Agro-food industry through its ISO 17025 certified food laboratory and Quality Management Services.
  • SMEs by providing technical and capacity-building support through the Training Center.

For more info at our Facebook page: Chamber of Zahle and Bekaa and website www.cciaz.org

CIHEAM Centre International de Hautes Études Agronomiques Méditerranéennes - Italy - P3 

CIHEAM Bari is a Centre for post-graduate training, applied scientific research and design of in loco partnership actions within the framework of international research and cooperation programmes. Its mission is to promote sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean region.
Focusing on Training, Research and Cooperation, CIHEAM Bari fosters the spirit of international cooperation in agriculture in support of Mediterranean countries.

In the Organic Ecosystem project, CIHEAM Bari is the leader of the WP3 and its main tasks are:

  • Mapping key agro-food entrepreneurship specific stakeholders in the Apulia region.
  • Capacity building for competent authorities (CAs).
  • Framing cross border strategy and challenges for innovative organic value chain.
  • Designing and implementing a cross-border organic database.
  • Training on innovative organic value chain for Apulian MSMEs.
  • Organizing local labs for stimulating innovative value chain and business alliance.

For more info: www.iamb.it

Tunisian farmer’s syndicate (SYNAGRI) النقابة التونسيّة للفلاحين - Tunis - P4

The Syndicat des Agriculteurs de Tunisie is an agricultural organization created in December 2011. The role of the agricultural organization is to defend the interests of farmers and represent them to the competent authorities. SYNAGRI has local representations in all governorates in Tunisia and in each governorate, there are local representations.

Synagri also brings together fifteen national chambers from different sectors such as the National Chamber of Organic Agriculture and Green Tourism (CNABTV).

More info at our Facebook page:Chambre Nationale de l'Agriculture Biologique et du Tourisme Vert and website: www.synagri-tunisie.org

Centre for Innovation and Culture (INNOPOLIS) - Κέντρο Καινοτομίας και Πολιτισμού -  Greece -  P5 

INNOPOLIS is an NGO having as its vision to promote a holistic sustainable approach of innovation – both technological and social, in harmony with cultural values for the benefit of EU integration and Regional competitiveness.

INNOPOLI’s main aims are :

  • To promote Research and Technological Development initiatives
  • To develop and disseminate innovative tools and methods in relation to different application areas
  • To promote the participation of organizations dealing with cultural identity in innovation priority and
  • To contribute to the intercultural dialogue in Europe and at a global level and promote the adoption of innovative approaches towards the establishment of a knowledge equitable society.

Its role in the implementation of the project includes the maximization of the project’s impact to target stakeholders, mapping and training key stakeholders and staff of Organic MSMEs, and the participation in Programme's events to build businesses alliance for accessing funding.

More info: www.innopolis.org

Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) - Spain - P6

The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) is a non-profit international organization founded in 1982. Considered to be the most important representative entity of the Mediterranean private sector, ASCAME gathers more than 350 Chambers of Commerce and Industry from 23 different countries of both shores.


The mission of ASCAME is to unite all the key players of the Mediterranean private sector in order to contribute to the economic development of the area. The Association represents a powerful advocacy for the business interests of the Mediterranean Chambers and companies by working closely with policymakers, stakeholders and opinion leaders. 

The vision of the Association strives to work for the participation and presence of the Mediterranean private sector in the key decisions as it is becoming a vital complement of the public sector regarding the future of the region.


ASCAME is currently one of the most active partners in the ENI Programme, Interreg MED Programme and EBSOMED, with the General Secretariat actively participating in 5 projects and network members active in dozens of them. Those projects go around topics such as adventure and sustainable tourism, efficient resources solutions, blue economy, innovation, entrepreneurship and SMEs management.

Apart from its proactive role in these projects, the Association has a long experience in organizing high-level multi-stakeholder international events across the Mediterranean region to foster cross border synergies and expand the opportunities for businesses and other groups of interests.


ASCAME is the leader for the communication deliverables for Organic Ecosystem. Its role includes the coordination of all project partners in order to promote and disseminate the project’s expected goals and results through the delivery of content and information. In addition to that, ASCAME will also support the identification and mobilization of relevant stakeholders through its network and will contribute to the implementation of business matchmaking activities in collaboration with other project partners and associate partners.

More info: www.ascame.org

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