MEDSt@rts : la conférence à mi-parcours sur la microfinance et l'entrepreneuriat des jeunes dans la presse libanaise


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On November 4th the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and South Lebanon, partner of MEDSt@rts, organized the public Mid-term Conference at Jiyeh Marina Resort (Sidon).

The hybrid event was attended by institutions, project partners, beneficiaries, companies, stakeholders, microfinance experts and many journalists.

In the first session the speakers emphasized the importance of MEDSt@rts in supporting economic development and presented the results achieved so far while highlighting possible synergies and identifying good practices for stronger impact on the regional levels. In the second session six participants highlighted the status of microfinance in their respective countries and the event ended with the interesting testimonies of the young beneficiaries.

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