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MED4EBM : mise en place d'une plateforme de coopération et de coordination des parties prenantes pour la mise en œuvre de la gestion écosystémique intégrée des zones côtières dans le golfe d'Aqaba - Jordanie

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Under MED4EBM project framework the   project partner will conduct four days workshop on 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 10th of March 2021 around the Ecosystem Context Analysis: recognizing connections within and across ecological and human systems spanning over the focused area.

“MED4EBM is proposing an innovative series of methodological, procedural and organizational tools, to plan, implement and monitor the dynamics of Ecosystem Management through a participatory and evidence-based approach supported by objective data.

The step-by-step process that the stakeholders follow to build their own Integrated Ecosystem Management of coastal areas is developed by discussions and procedures organised and performed in different workshops, each focused on a specific target.

Relevant actors and stakeholders jointly identify key biophysical and socio-economic systems, assess the related data availability, and define the spatial domain for the EB-ICZM-DSS application. The Workshops are organised and executed through multiple webinars and smart working using Microsoft Teams (meetings and working channels). Each of the webinars last max four hours; scheduling of these meetings is well planned and agreed within all participants, also considering the different time zones.

The First Workshop focuses the participatory thematic scoping for the EB-ICZM-DSS application.”

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