MED4EBM : gestion écosystémique intégrée des zones côtières du golfe de Corigliano en Calabre - Italie


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On February 25, 2021, the first participatory workshop of the MED4EBM Project began, on the Integrated Ecosystem Management of Coastal Areas (EB-ICZM) in the Gulf of Corigliano in Calabria. 

The workshop consisted of 4 online appointments during which the stakeholders operating in the Corigliano Gulf area, led by the project's technical team, met to compose a framework for analysis and intervention in the area, using methods and tools of Ecosystem Management.

Following the analytical method and using the tools developed by "PROGES - Progetti di Sviluppo - srl", methodological partner of the project, this first workshop served the stakeholders to conduct thematic scoping, that is the representation of the area of ​​the Gulf of Corigliano, of the key biophysical and socio-economic systems, the relationships that exist between systems and to assess the availability of related data. This operation was facilitated by an innovative tool developed by Planning for Development Consulting (PROGES) which involves the use of a software called ISP (Integrated spatial planning), which allows to manage in real time and in a simplified way large quantities of spatial and tabular data and represent them in easy-to-read reports, and a series of methodological, procedural and organizational tools to plan, implement and monitor the dynamics of Ecosystem Management.

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