Le projet MED GAIMS présenté à LuBeC 2020, l'événement phare italien sur le patrimoine culturel, la technologie et le tourisme


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On 8-9 October, Promo PA Foundation, a MED GAIMS associated partner, in collaboration with MIBACT – Italian Ministry for Culture and Tourism, organized the XVI edition of LuBeC in the town of Lucca. The international meeting was dedicated to the development and exposure to cultural heritage in the context of technologies and tourism.

This year, the XVI edition of LuBeC dedicated time for a gamification oriented session. Accordingly, the CreaTech Open Lab 2020 has been organized in partnership with Fondazione MAXXI. The goal of this two-day interactive training was to utilize gamification tools to reinforce the theme of inclusion and cultural accessibility between Italian cities. This training is in line with MED GAIMS mission of introducing new language and tools for the cultural ecosystem

Promo PaA Fondazione, as part of the collaboration relationship established with the Fondazione Alghero with the MED GAIMS project, invited the City of Alghero to participate in the workshop together with Bolzano, L'Aquila, Macerata, Emilia 2020, and Cerveteri. More than 50 participants from all over Italy did partake in the creation of gamified solutions aimed at promoting greater accessibility to the heritage of the territories involved.

During the final pitch, Fondazione Alghero had the opportunity to introduce the MED GAIMS project and the path that the City of Alghero has started through the project which highlights gamification as an active engine of urban transformation and a tool for tourist and cultural enhancement. The ultimate goal is aimed at positioning the City of Alghero as a "playable city" on the international scene.