MED GAIMS: discover the Gadara spinner game with creators Sondos Al Rqibat and Rand Agha from Jordan

The Gadara spinner game is an innovative board game based on local history and heritage, which aims to drive tourists to less-known sites in Jordan. Entirely based on luck, the game engages players through the collection of informative cards and 3D models of Gadara’s archaeological sites. “It is fun, because you can’t cheat your luck and you may have to wait 10 rounds before it is your tun to play! But it is also a way of introducing information to the tourists by triggering their curiosity," says creator Sondos Al Rqibat. The development of the Gadara spinner game was supported by the EU-funded 'MED GAIMS' project.

VIdeo produced by EU Goodwill Ambassador from Jordan Tasneem Ma'abreh with the support of the EU Neighbours