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[Med-EcoSuRe] séminaire transfrontalier : accélérer les investissements de rénovation énergétique des bâtiments universitaires méditerranéens

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Med-EcoSuRe project will organize a cross border seminar with the aim to propose innovative financing schemes, business models, organizational structures and partnerships enabling the acceleration of the energy retrofitting of the university building stock in the Mediterranean region.

The seminar is structured as follows:

1. National workshops 

A total of 4 workshops will be organized in Tunisia, Palestine, Spain and Italy, to deepen and investigate opportunities, innovative tools and financing schemes to foster energy retrofitting in the university buildings. These workshops targets local and regional authorities, national energy agencies, ministries and fund managers, organisations providing training to cities and regions, banks and financing institutions, and all actors interested in replicating these financing schemes or supporting cities and regions in doing so.

Local workshops schedule:

2. Coss border conference

On  the 29th of June 2021 will be held a cross border conference in which each partner country will present the results and best practices of the local workshops, with the aim to trigger a debate about local specificities on existing financing schemes and opportunities to accelerate the energy renovation of universities buildings.


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