L'Université de Basilicate, en Italie, a rejoint le partenariat du projet DECOST


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The DECOST partnership has a new member on board: University of Basilicata will accompany the Marche Polytechnic University and EGRIB (the public administration of Basilicata region for government of urban waste and water resources) as Italian partners in this ENI CBC MED project. The incorporation of the University of Basilicata, through its Research Team on Environmental Engineering, will reinforce the deployment of the community composting pilot site which is planned to take place in this region of southern Italy.

This new partner will be valuable for the pilot implementation in Italy not only for their extensive knowledge on environmental technologies and urban waste management, but also for the deep implantation of this institution in the region. Together with the team of the Marche Polytechnic University they will have the capacity to face the technical and social challenges associated to the new solution for the management of organic waste that the DECOST project intends to implement.

The DECOST pilot in Italy will be hosted by the municipalities of Potenza and Atella, with which the agreements have already been signed. They will combine different strategies, mainly based in the implementation of decentralized composting sites distributed throughout the village with other infrastructures of small scale centralized composting, in both cases with the shared vision of the DECOST project to look for new solutions that can be exemplary for similar populations.