Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet 
(Well begun is half done)


GREEN LIGHT in a GREEN ENVIRONMENT for the start of our LIVINGAGRO project whose launching event was successfully concluded mid of last week! On the occasion, the Sardinia Region hosted partners for two days in Cagliari (26th and 27th of November) which managed to arrive in Sardinia despite the strike that affected national air traffic.



The kick-off meeting, reserved to project partners’ representatives, began in the morning of November 26th with the presentation of project partners and associated partners, after which the dedicated Press Conference was organized, seeing the presence of the General Director of the ENI CBC Med Programme Managing Authority, Anna Catte, of the General Director of the Department of Agriculture, Giulio Capobianco, of the Forestas General Director, Salvatore Mele, and of the two partners representatives from the southern Mediterranean area Milad El Riachy (Lebanon) and Salam Ayoub (Jordan). The various speakers underlined the importance of international cooperation, exchange of good practices between institutions, organizations and private actors of the Mediterranean area in order to jointly address common important challenges such as technology transfer, innovation, research and Public- Private Partnership in agro-forestry, which concretely produce measurable results as well as real benefits for territories, stakeholders involved and local communities.


In the afternoon session the Leading Partner introduced a general project overview reporting on foreseen activities, expected outputs and results, time schedule and next steps, after which specific issues referring to project implementation approaches, technical WPs and project partner experiences were presented and jointly discussed.


On November 27th, the partnership work continued on the phases and methods of implementation of the project concerning its technical and financial management as well as communication aspects. At the conclusion of the slot dedicated to management issues a field visit to the Fo.Re.S.T.A.S. “Bagantinus” forest nursery located in Decimomannu (north of Cagliari) was organized.


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LIVINGAGRO: innovation, transfer of knowledge and technology for Mediterranean agro-forestry


Detail of the Kick-off Programme