LIVINGAGRO dynamise les acteurs de l'agroforesterie grecque à travers des rendez-vous business to business : le premier événement s'approche


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Coming up online July 20th - 22nd 2021: 15-minute presentations and B2B meetings to connect innovators with Greek farmers and professionals working in the olive oil, olive, or grazed woodlands sectors who seek help addressing the challenges they face. The free online presentations and meetings will take place in Greek on the Praxi Network platform (direct participation link available soon on the official project FB page) provided by Greece’s General Secretariat for Research. Greek inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs will briefly introduce a wide range of innovations that address the following topics:

  • Intercropping in Olive Groves
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Machinery
  • Health Benefit Determination
  • Olive Tree and Olive Oil Authentication
  • Preparation for Climate Change
  • Re-using Traditional Practices in Agroforestry

More details about the innovations are available in the developed Catalogue of Innovations available on the LIVINGAGRO project web page. In addition to tuning in to the general presentations, interested stakeholders will be able to schedule one-to-one online meetings with individual innovators.

How can we Greek stakeholders of the agroforestry sector get involved?
Farmers, millers, olive oil producers and bottlers, livestock breeders, distributors, nursery owners, lab technicians, territory managers, agronomists, wholesalers, olive oil company representatives, cooperative members, policy makers, and other interested individuals will soon be invited to register for the free online presentations and discussions with innovators.

While other project partners are working from their bases in Italy, Lebanon, and Jordan, the Greek part of the team is based at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh). For those unable to attend the July meetings, there will be additional presentations in Chania at a later date, most likely in a face-to-face format (conditions and regulations permitting). For more information, please email or call 28210 35030.
What are LIVINGAGRO project partners doing?
Rather than simply doing research in isolated labs, scientists are asking farmers, company representatives, policy makers and other stakeholders for input about the types of problems they need to solve, as well as the most workable solutions.

LIVINGAGRO team members have surveyed numerous stakeholders who work with olive oil and grazed woodlands to determine their needs. Many survey respondents indicated a desire to increase their product’s quality, improve plant health and/or soil fertility, reduce their production costs, increase the quantity produced and reduce their use of chemical products. Innovations have been identified that can meet those needs as well as others. Later this month, innovators will be presenting potential solutions to challenges to interested members of the public, as well as inviting more comments about stakeholders’ needs.