L'Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer recherche un fournisseur pour l'acquisition d'équipements informatiques pour le projet Co-Evolve4BG


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As leader of the Co-Evolve4BG project, the 'Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer' (INSTM), located in Tunisia, is looking for a supplier for the acquisition of IT equipment.

Within the framework of the ENI CBC MED program "Mediterranean sea basin" 2014-2020, as part of the task group relating to project management, INSTM wishes to acquire a unique batch of IT equipment from the project account.

The vacancy is available at http://www.instm.agrinet.tn/index.php/fr/sample-data/item/312-consultation-n-04-2020-acquisition-materiels-informatique-projet-co-evolve4bg

Deadline for application is 26th June 2020 at 12h00.