Liban : TRANSDAIRY souligne le rôle du transfert de technologie pour stimuler la productivité et la compétitivité du secteur laitier


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Berytech and the Euro-Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernisation (ELCIM) at Industrial Research Institute (IRI), within the context of TRANSDAIRY, an EU co-funded project under the ENI CBC Med Programme aiming to grow the dairy value chain ecosystem in the Mediterranean, held a virtual focus group with representatives from different dairies in Lebanon as well as experts in the Bio/Nano Technologies sector, from academia and research centers and professionals.

This is the fourth of many focus groups planned to tackle the challenges faced by the DVC sector which will in turn support the opening of the living lab in Lebanon.

The attendees discussed the challenges within contribution of Bio/Nano technology in the Dairy Value Chain.

The discussion during the focus group had a slew of outcomes such as fostering partnerships with international producers to boost local production and boost technology transfer of bio/ Nano technologies in the dairy value chain, in addition to awareness at the farmer level to promote good hygiene and cleaning practices in order to prevent and minimize contamination risk from farm to fork as well as reduce the need for frequent testing (which is imported and have high cost).

Based on the outcomes, the Transdairy partners in Lebanon (Berytech and ELCIM-IRI) will capitalize to build valuable initiatives, activities and collaborations in the Mediterranean region to empower the DVC.

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