En savoir plus sur le projet HELIOS : quel est le lien entre l'inclusion sociale et l'économie durable en Méditerranée ?


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One of the main challenges in the Mediterranean region is to reduce the high rates of NEETs and the young people and women unemployment.

To face this problem, EU Cohesion Policy supports the social inclusion of young and female workers in the labour market through different actions and programmes. 

One of the largest EU programme to implement social actions and policy in the Mediterranean basin is ENI CBC Med, which has the aim to promote social and economic development, including the investment in people's skills and professional capabilities, through the financing of several projects.  

 HELIOS is one of these.

Its main mission is to reinforce the social inclusion of young people and women in the Mediterranean area through an effective training in the Circular and Blue Economy sectors.


According the Circular Economy Action Plan from the European Commission, the world need to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative economic growth model like Green, Blue and Circular Economy to fight the pollution and the climate change, saving the Earth.

So sectors based on sustainable economic model are identified with a great potential for employment growth among NEETs, young people and women.

For this reason, HELIOS and the other ENI CBC MED projects stimulate the rise of the sustainable economy believing that the future of the social inclusion in the Mediterranean countries is Green and Sustainable!

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