L'équipe palestinienne HELIOS rencontre l'autorité locale pour l'emploi et la "Society of Women Graduates" à Gaza pour impliquer les jeunes et les femmes dans le projet


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On Wednesday 10th June, University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), the Palestinian partner of HELIOS project, held two important meetings to reach and to involve young people and women in the training activities.

First of all UCAS’ HELIOS team visited the One-Stop-Shop belonging to Gaza Directorate of the Palestinian Ministry of Labor.

This first meeting was fundamental to strengthen the cooperation with the local authorities in the field of supporting NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training). 

For this reason, the Palestinian Ministry of Labor will support HELIOS training activities towards decreasing the unemployment rate, through the sharing of the profiling questionnaires to involve young people and women. 

The second meeting held at the Society of Women Graduates in the Gaza Strip to introduce the project objectives, and especially the Blue and Circular Economy training opportunities for women.

The Society will support the project activities, through participation in selection and evaluation committees and increasing the opportunities to reach unemployed women.

For HELIOS getting in touch with the local authorities and the associations is very important, above all to increase together with the social inclusion action in Palestine, making the involvement of young people and women more effective.

Unity is strength, #GOMED!

Thanks to our Palestinian friends of UCAS, here you can read their article about these two meetings.

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