L'équipe italienne de BEEP a réalisé la première analyse de terrain pour l'audit énergétique et environnemental de l'étude de cas 'Palazzo del Clementino'


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On Monday, 22nd of June, the Italian team of ENI CBC Med BEEP project visited the case study Palazzo Maffei - Clementino in the historical centre of Rome, to perform the first field analysis for the energy and environmental audit of the building. The visit took place in agreement with the building owner (State Property Agency) and current occupant (Legal Council of State) and with the invaluable guide of one of the building management technician, helpful in accompanying the team, in providing the required documentation and in describing installation, operation, state of maintenance of the equipment. 

The scope of this first field analysis was to collect energy bills, to have an overview of the equipment (air-conditioning, lighting, appliances) installed in the building in each room, as well as its operation, and to understand how the building is used by its occupants: for how many hours each room is used, by how many people, and so on.  

Another scope was to start defining the point in which to perform energy monitoring over a year time span, to gather more detailed information on the energy performance of specific building areas.

All this data, together with others on energy bills, building structure, decay patterns, etc., will then be fed in the HBIM (Heritage Building Information Modelling) model and used for energy simulation, in order to understand the building functioning and propose ameliorative solutions to reduce energy consumption.

As the team assessed, the building is in relatively good condition from the architectural point of view. The same does not apply to the heating and cooling system, realized in different times with different plants and without a coherent project, and the last intervention dates back to twenty years ago. In fact, the air-conditioning system, while relatively recent, is not used due to discomfort problems perceived by users. Also, the boiler is out of order, therefore the heat pump, designed only for a part of the building loads, has to work way beyond its optimum level, with problems of discomfort and consumption. 

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