Le projet MEDSt@rts mène des entretiens avec des entrepreneurs en herbe


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The partners of MEDSt@rts project are evaluating the 240 applications received from aspiring entrepreneurs in Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine.

After a preliminary verification of the requirements, local evaluation committees are now interviewing the pre-selected candidates to identify the 25 participants in each national course.

Organizational psychologists were therefore involved in order to assess their motivations, attitudes and expectations in relation to the proposed business ideas.

At the end of the selection process, participants will be involved in the following pre-treatment activities: 

  • launch and organization of the group;
  • active listening to the motivations of aspiring entrepreneurs; 
  • identification of skills;
  • analysis of business ideas;
  • business plan draft;
  • support for the first sketch of the business profile by the psychologist and by the organization. 

To learn more about MEDSt@rts, please visit: http://www.enicbcmed.eu/projects/medstarts