Le projet MEDSt@rts lance une série de réunions visant à promouvoir la mise en réseau des acteurs de la microfinance en Italie


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The Italian-Arab Chamber of Cooperation, partner of MEDSt@rts, has recently started the Italian cycle of meetings with the involvement of ASPAL (Sardinian Agency for Active Job Policies) and The Net Value. 

The initiative is being promoted in all the countries involved through the organization of debates and consultation events with local financial stakeholders

New meetings are already scheduled and actors will sign an agreement for joining the project transnational Network, which pursues the following objectives:

  • maintain a permanent and constructive dialogue on microfinancing issues;
  • support and contribute on project microfinance scheme planning;
  • provide expertise and advice of further project promotional and financing schemes; 
  • foster the mutual cooperation, learning and best practice between partner and other important entities that provide support to self-employment and microcredit.