Le partenaire espagnol de CRE@CTIVE aide à co-créer du cuir végétalien à partir des déchets de récolte !


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What's so great about vegan leather? Everything! Vegan leather is commonly produced from polyurethane, a material that can be custom made to order. It can also be produced using innovative and environmentally friendly materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit waste, and recycled plastic.
In addition, vegan leather is versatile. You can create everything from moto jackets to little black dresses.
In collaboration with AITEX, CRE@CTIVE's Spanish lead beneficiary, a Spanish company called Laser Food, created Vegan leather made from persimmon waste! Hence the name of the newly created brand, PERSISKIN®.

The project's main goal was to develop a new leather that reduces the environmental effect of producing synthetic or natural leather. Using persimmon waste created an ecological alternative with less environmental impact. Who says you can't save the environment in style?

This is an example of what could be financed through CRE@TIVE's call for subgrants. Let your innovation run wild.
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