Le MYSEA lance une enquête pour identifier lécart des compétences dans le secteur de l'agriculture et de la gestion des déchets

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The raison d’être of MYSEA – a project funded by the EU under the ENI CBC MED Programme – is quite ambitious: providing unemployed youth, NEETs, and women with marketable skills and employment opportunities to build their professional future in the agri-food and waste management sectors. Reaching this objective requires an effective collaboration among Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutes, economic actors, and public institutions, as educational plans which will be provided to the final beneficiaries shall be labour market-oriented and take into account current market needs, identifying relevant skills that private actors look for when searching for new employees. In fact, nowadays a central problem to be faced is that of the skill mismatch among what prospective employees can offer now and, in contrast, what economic actors really need.

It is with these objectives that MYSEA project partners invite stakeholders to fill in questionnaires they have set up, which are a key tool for the analysis of the state-of-the-art of the economic and social environment for the countries of Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon, and for the preparation of the next phase of the project – that of educational training and job placement. Questionnaires are addressed at:

  1. identifying key factors for the promotion of innovation, competitiveness, inclusion and employment in the primary sector and in the waste management industry, which will benefit both private enterprises and the society in general, assuring environmental and social sustainability;
  2. supporting actions in favour of the youth, NEETs and women that are underrepresented in the labour market;

From this comes the centrality of garnering the view of international respondents such as yourself and building from the background of the economic and demographic expertise you can share with us. In addition, long-term sustainability of the project will be ensured through adjustment actions for the formulation of policies which sustain labour inclusion of youth, women and NEETs and for improving national employment schemes. 

The questionnaires have been prepared by two MYSEA project partners – the University of Palermo and the Jordan University of Science and Technology - and are structured differently depending on the respondents (final beneficiaries – TVET institutions – or economic actors). The objective is to reach, per country:

  • 250 questionnaires filled by young, women and NEETs;
  • 100 questionnaires filled by economic actors;
  • 20 questionnaires filled by TVET institutions; 

Complementarily to the questionnaires, 50 interviews will be conducted per country with TVET employees/managers and with economic actors in the agrifood and waste management industries, so as to reach qualitative data that will be useful for a comprehensive analysis.
Interested in filling the questionnaires? Visit this webpage: https://www.unipa.it/dipartimenti/saaf/progetto-mysea/online-interviews-/

Also, do not forget to take a look at our Open Days events, a great opportunity to reach out to MYSEA network, know more about the project and realize how it will positively contribute for the construction of effective labour inclusion and market growth opportunities!

United, we can build the future!