Lancement du projet INTECMED financé par l'UE : relier les résultats de la recherche à l'industrie et aux PME par le biais d'incubateurs transfrontaliers


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The aim of the INTECMED project, titled: “Incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean”, is to develop cross-border incubators to pursue innovation, transfer know-how, and link research with industry in the Mediterranean region. 

The main goal of INTECMED is the development of integrated innovation ecosystems at the local level to support the transfer of know-how and the commercialization of research results, in order to improve relations between the various innovation actors, in particular the science system, education, public and the private sector (mainly SMEs), investors and citizens. The source of inspiration for this project was the innovative and successful organization of the PATRAS IQ Knowledge Transfer Exhibition in Patras (Greece) that has been taking place on a yearly basis since 2012, thanks to the joint initiative of the Chamber of Achaia and Patras University. 

The project was officially launched on the 23rd and 24th of November 2020. The speakers included all project partners from Greece, Spain, Tunisia, and Egypt and experts from the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) of ENI CBC Med Programme.

During this 2-day online meeting, the partners had the opportunity to present themselves, explain their role in the project, and most importantly their vision throughout the implementation phase. In addition, the participants discuss in detail INTECMED's objective, expected results, timeline, implementation, and monitoring methodology. Besides this, the consortium had the chance to revise thoroughly the list of Activities and outputs as well as their contribution and roles. The motivation and the proactive attitude showed by the partner was infectious! 

Chamber of Achaia is the Lead Beneficiary of the project, whose duration is 30 months. The other partners are the University of Patras-Special Account for Research Grants (Greece), ASCAME-Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Spain), Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Shipping of Seville (Spain), Technological Corporation of Andalusia (Spain), Cap Bon- Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Tunisia), National Agency of Promotion of Scientific Research (Tunisia), Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (Egypt), SEKEM Development Foundation (Egypt) and Federation of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce "Alexandria Chamber" (Egypt), as an associated partner. 

We will be presenting INTECMED's partners in the next post so stay tuned!