La deuxième infolettre du projet GreenBuilding met en évidence les plans durables de réduction de la consommation d'énergie dans les bâtiments publics


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Dear GreenBuilding followers, 

We know that you all have hard days due to the pandemic consequences. If you stay healthy in your homes; take a few minutes to read about us!

The 2nd Newsletter of the GreenBuilding is out and you can find it in the GreenBuiding "library"!

The newsletter highlights the Sustainable Building Plans for Reducing Energy Consumption in Public Buildings through the participation in a scientific conference with a research that introduces a method for integrating the design and implementation of public building renovations in 12 phases and presenting key features of the three GreenBuilding pilot buildings in Greece, Tunisia and Jordan. 

Keep up with GreenBuilding news and don't forget to be strong now, because things will get better soon!


GreenBuilding Team