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Jordanie : participez aux sessions iHERITAGE Living Labs sur l'application de technologies innovantes au patrimoine culturel

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iHERITAGE partner, the Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity (JSSREC) invites you to attend its Living Labs Program on intangible cultural heritage (ICH), AR/VR, and Holography.

The programme began on November 12th, 2021, with a lecture on Virtual Reality in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and will run through early Spring of 2022, covering a wide range of themes. The lectures are held by the following leading specialists in the fields of innovative technology and tourism, and participants from all backgrounds and industries are invited to attend and contribute to the development of new products.

For more information and to receive the participation link, please register now for free through the following link:

Lecture 1: November 12th 2021

General Outline of Training 

Lecture 2: November 19th 2021

Lecture on Holograms by Mr. Rami Al Fuqahah - Trixelcg Company

Lecture 3: November 20th 2021

Lecture on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) by Dr. Hani Hayajneh - UNESCO Chair for ICH at Yarmouk University

Lecture 4: November 26th 2o21

Lecture on Virtual Reality (VR) by Prof. Daniel Asmar / MED GAIMS Project/ AUB

Lecture 5: December 3rd 2021

Lecture by Narmeen Marji and Tamer Qarrain / Best practices in the design of Website for Museums

Lecture 6: December 4th 2021

Lecture by Archaeologist Dr. Khairieh Amr Formerly of the Department of Antiquities (DOA) and Jordan Museum Editor for Story telling: What stories would you include in iHERITAGE?

Lecture 7: December 10th 2021

Lecture by Mr. Lucio Tambuzzo, responsible for the creation of the iHERITAGE project who will lead a discussion about what advances he would urge young people to focus on when using VR, AR, MR, and holography in Cultural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Lecture 8: December 11th 2021

Lecture by Ms. Hanan Daghmash on the Documentation of National Foods and Dishes: The use of wild plants as foods in Jordan 

Lecture 9: December 17th 2021

Lecture by Mr. Youssef Hilo Professional Tour Guide / Proposal for a Virtual Audio-Visual Tour in Petra

Lecture 10: December 18th 2021

Lecture by Narmeen Marji ICT expert at JSSREC  on VR, AR and Holography examples from the project

Lecture 11: January 5th 2022

Lecture by Eng. Hana Abu Al Wafa Digitizing Intangible Cultural Heritage: Crafts

Lecture 12: January 7th 2022

Lecture by Prof. Rida Shibli JSSREC / Dr Amal Mayyas American University of Madaba on Intangible Cultural Heritage

Lecture 13: January 8th 2022

Lecture by Tamer Qarrain Beelabs: The VR tour of CMS and Bishops School (Mutran)

Lecture 14: January 10th 2022

Lecture by Prof Hani Hayajneh: Ideas about the use of VR, AR and MR in Intangible Cultural Heritage

Lecture 15: January 12th 2022

Lecture by Eng. Hana Abu Al Wafa / Documentation of various Jordanian Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) components: Crafts 2.0

Lecture 16: January 13th 2022

Lecture by Dr. Khaled Khraisat - JAIP: How does iHERITAGE benefit me as an SME or an individual?

Lecture 17: January 14th 2022

Lecture by Prof. Ahmad Freewan JUST University: Jordanian efforts in UM Qays and Ajloun as part of MED GAIMS Project

Lecture 18: January 15th 2022 

Lecture by Dr. Khairieh Amr / The archaeological artifacts for the Virtual Museum in iHERITAGE

Lecture 19: January 17th 2022

Lecture by Tamer Qarrain: Holography Examples from the Internet  

Lecture 20: January 19th 2022

Lecture by Tamer Qarrain Beelabs: The Ethical connotations of using VR/AR/MR in World Heriatge Sites 

Lecture 21: January 21st 2022

Lecture by Diala Kassab Ministry of Culture: The database of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) at the Ministry - Main trends and future plans

Lecture 22: January 22nd 2022

Lecture by Dr. Khaled Khraisat - JAIP: Investing in Innovation from concept to action to business modeling to profit generation 

Lecture 23: January 24th 2022

Lecture by Ms. Heba Haroun - Ammoun School: Mythology and Petra

Lecture 24: January 25th 2022

Lecture by Dr. Janset Shawash - Univrsity College of London: Contextual Interpretation of Heritage Content for VR/AR Media

Lecture 25: January 28th 2022

Lecture by Ms. Abla Zreikat: Modern modifications of traditional embroidery

Lecture 26: January 29th 2022

Lecture by Dr. Naif Haddad - Hashemite University: Reconstruction of Archaeological Architectural Ancient Monuments - The Art, Science, and Historical Context, Examples from Petra

Lecture 27: January 31st 2022

Lecture by Dr. Samuli Laato- Tampere University: Gamification Group FinLand / AR to enhance Visitor Experience at Archaeological Sites

Lecture by Narmeen Marji: Guided Visit to BaalbecK

Lecture 28: February 1st 2022

Lecture by Dr. Mattia Thibault and Dr Milia Bujic -Tampere University: Gamification Group FinLand / VR Cities

Lecture 29: February 2nd 2022

Lecture by Dr. Orguz Buruk and Dr Timo Nummenmaa - Tampere University: Gamification Group FinLand / Space Pace - Method for creating augmented reality tours based on 360 Videos

More lectures may be added based on the needs of the attendees.

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