Jordanie : ESMES organise une première réunion avec les principales parties prenantes pour mettre en œuvre des solutions d'efficacité énergétique dans les écoles publiques


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Six ESMES members from The German Jordanian University (GJU), ESMES partner in Jordan, and thirteen stakeholders, attended the first meeting of the Jordan National Energy Hub, one of the main activities under ESMES project. The meeting took place at the Bristol hotel in Amman on the 24th of February 2021. The stakeholders were Representatives from the government, electric utilities sector, private companies and universities.

The hybrid meeting was governed by a charter that was presented to and agreed upon with the stakeholders. ESMES staff moderated a discussion on policy and technical issues facing the renewable energy sector in Jordan, public building retrofitting, best practices and investment opportunities in an effort to start gathering guidelines, strategies and solutions for sustainable energy rehabilitation in public schools. Solutions and strategies resulting from this national energy hub will not only be used under the ESMES project, rather will be used to sustain the impact of ESMES in public schools.

During this meeting ESMES was introduced to stakeholders and they were given the opportunity to inquire about the project in order to construct a general picture of how they can contribute to the success of the project. Stakeholders showed great interest and support to ESMES project and the anticipate great results from this collaboration.

The input from stakeholders is valuable to guarantee that the outputs of ESMES not only meet project goals and objectives, but may also be distributed to recent actors in the field to have the most impact.