Jordanie : ESMES lance des initiatives pilotes sur les énergies renouvelables et les solutions d'efficacité énergétique (REEE) dans trois écoles


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To meet ESMES goals, three schools have been selected in Jordan for the implementation of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE) solutions. Schools that have been selected are the following:

  •  Bayt Yafa Secondary School for Girls
  • Jrene Secondary School for Boys
  • Madaba Secondary Comprehensive School for Boys.

The German Jordanian University, ESMES partner in Jordan, the Ministry of Education and Irbid District Electric Company met at Bayt Yafa Secondary school to agree on a proper location to house the transformer for the first pilot to be launched. The objective is to demonstrate the REEE portfolio solutions according to school rehabilitation plans, their cost-effectiveness and replicability potential in the countries where ESMES is implemented, i.e. Italy, Jordan, Spain, Tunisia and Lebanon.

Each of the selected schools will have a custom intervention plan, according to energy audit, data monitoring and custom design. The energy audit has been completed by ESMES team for the selected schools, while electrical consumption data monitoring is still undergoing. Design activities are in progress. However, more data are needed for the photovoltaic system design. The design of several interventions is completed, and it is evident that the electrical supply network needs to be upgraded to accommodate all planned REEE interventions. This includes installing a new 33 kV distribution transformer in the schools with new supply cables from the electrical grid, which was anticipated by the project team.