Irene presents Nivura - InnovAgroWoMed Start-up Hub

Let's get to know Irene, one of our InnovAgroWoMed project beneficiaries in Italy, and her new startup!

Nivura, along with A'Naca - Vita in Natura and AgroMini, is one of the new women-led startups funded by Innovagrowomed - ENI CBC Med Project. 

Nivura stands as an ethical and different alternative, leveraging the recovery of the Sicilian Black Bee - Apis mellifera sicula - and the peculiarities of the endemic flora and fauna of the Sicilian territory.  

The city of Palermo hides forgotten treasure troves of nature. Nivura has chosen to place its apiaries in these very places, whose beauty we often ignore. 
Through the flight of bees, we become the thread that binds nature to the city and the city to its inhabitants.

The offer of honey, pollen and propolis varieties is combined with the creation of an educational social apiary for workshops and educational activities: an immersive journey into biodiversity in the company of the beekeeper. 

Nivura's proposal is completed with the inclusive and business advisory activities associated with the 'Adopt-a-Hive' plans.