INTECMED rencontre le PPI4MED pour favoriser le transfert de technologie et la commercialisation des résultats de la recherche à travers la Méditerranée


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On March 29th, INTECMED and PPI4MED projects had the first meeting to discuss synergies' opportunities between them. Both strategic projects are co-financed by the ENI CBC Med Programme under the Thematic Objective 2 which focuses on the support to education, research, technological development and innovation and have as a priority the technological transfer and commercialisation of research results. In addition, the projects have a common partner, the National Agency for Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR) based in Tunisia, which also contributes to a collaboration.

The purpose of PPI4MED project is to create and implement an innovation procurement model for the commercialization of public scientific results in Egypt, Spain, Italy, Jordan and Tunisia, based on the purchasing capacity of the public sector. The partners' organisations, which are five national research centres, hold over 1,000 patents and have produced around 300 patent applications in 2020. These important public scientific and technology resources will be the basis for innovation procurement pilots, enabling private companies to develop products, technologies and solutions for the public sector based on these scientific patents. Check more information on the project's website

The collaboration between the projects will consist in exchanging implementation models, know-how and outputs. For instance, including the PPI4MED's innovation procurement model in the frame of the Tunisian Regional Alliance for Innovation Transfer (RAIT) in the Cap Bon region, which is a regional alliance that will develop a local regional ecosystem that will strengthen the capacity of the region to innovate and transform research results into sustainable business opportunities in two specific key sectors of the region, namely agro-food industries and handicrafts. The projects also foresee cooperating mutually in the implementation of their training programs, through participation and exchange of contents. 

Regarding participation in events, both projects also want to include each other in their agendas, such as the Innovation Transfer Exhibition which will be organised by INTECMED and the University of Patras and the MED Living Lab which will be organised by PPI4MED, among others.

The projects are currently continuing with the next steps to get the partnership off the ground. Stay tuned for more updates.

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