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INTECMED is a project from ENI CBC Med Programme which has started on September 2020 and aims to develop an integrated innovation ecosystem at local level to support technological transfer and commercialization of research results.

9 partners + 1 associated partner from 4 different countries of the Mediterranean are committed to build linkages among several innovation players, in order to accomplish this great endeavor.

Keep reading to know more about the team.


Chamber of Achaia | Lead Partner | GREECE

Chamber of Achaia, established in 1836, is a compulsory Union of aprox. 30.000 members as merchants, manufacturers, artisans and professionals, namely enterprises of various sizes, who act within the prefecture of Achaia, of the Region of Western Greece. It is a Public Law Legal Entity offering consultative services to the Government. CoA practices administrative decentralization services which are named by the government as well as advisory work through the participation of its representatives to 40 committees and boards. It studies the financial problems of the area acting within the framework of the general interest of the Government with the purpose to support the private initiative and all forms of entrepreneurship.  

CoA is considerably active in the field of enhancing innovative entrepreneurship, developing international outlook & competitiveness of SMEs, fostering potential start-up entrepreneurs mSMEs. It has extensive experience in both design & implementation of local, regional & national development policies & actions. It has adopted a strategic model aiming at the transformation of Achaia Prefecture into an autonomous “business hub” in the Western Greece, through intervention related to the application of 3  principles:  1)Innovation 2) New technologies , 3) Extroversion. This business hub will utilize the scientific, labor & business potential of the region in combination with comparative advantages in the primary, secondary & tertiary sectors of the economy, giving a growth restart with innovation as the central component & catalyst. Through EU projects, CoA emphasizes innovative approaches & methods being applied in different professional sectors (Cultural / Maritime / Industry /Construction sector) incorporating current technological trends, working towards the “intelligent development” of Achaia.  CoA has an extended network of actors and channels, creating synergies and disseminating its activities and initiatives. This network includes: Chambers, Academic institutions, Research centers, Incubators & co-working spaces, Public authorities, both in Greece, Europe and Mediterranean areas.

Chamber of Achaia is the Lead Beneficiary of INTECMED project.  The source of inspiration for this project was the innovative and successful organization of the PATRS IQ Knowledge Transfer Exhibition, while the preparation and submission for funding was achieved thanks to the joint initiative of the Chamber of Achaia and the University of Patras, founding parties of PATRAS IQ. CoA is the WP1-Management Coordinator dealing with the Training & mentoring- methodologies - consultation methodologies- Incubation processes, Day-to-day management and coordination,, Internal organization within the partnership and decision making system; Role of each member of the partnership; Reporting and evaluation procedures focusing on selected results and outputs indicators; Financial and Activity Monitoring. Moreover, CoA will contribute to specific deliverables preparation  & finalization such as Contribution to the organization and establishment of Regional Alliance for Innovation Transfer (RAIT); Contribution to the Definition of Business- Ready Innovation Mechanism (BRIM) Joint Methodology and to the elaboration and development of the Business-Ready Innovation Mechanism (BRIM) Methodology Report together with PP03; Contribution to the preparation and development of Good Practices Report on preincubation services in the Mediterranean Area, together with PP05; Development of the Cross-sector, international synergies framework (MoUs); Development and organization of the Regional Innovation Transfer Exhibitions synergy framework (MoUs).


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University of Patras | GREECE

The University of Patras presently stands well ahead of its original goal, which was to set “a firm model of an Academic institution providing Greece with a highly qualified Alumnae contributing to the society’s development and growth”. Today, the University of Patras enjoys recognition as an Academic Institution with a worldwide impact, attracting thousands of students and a large number of Academic and Research Personnel actively involved in the cutting-of-edge science, Innovation and Excellence. The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and it began functioning in the Academic year 1966-67. The establishment of the University contributed vastly to the decentralization of Academic Education in Greece. In June 2013 the University of Western Greece was incorporated in the University of Patras. UPatras’ international relations policy is achieved through the cooperation with universities and research institutions worldwide. Cooperation includes activities related to research, teaching, intensive programmes and the development of common curricula, establishment of bilateral agreements, as well as the participation in international organizations, networks and associations. 

UPatras coordinates “WP4: Implementation of Business-Ready Innovation Mechanism”, bringing in its long-standing experience in the organisation of events and actions promoting the dissemination of academic knowledge, including a series of networking and know-how transfer actions having the annual PATRAS IQ Exhibition as its flagship event. UPatras will also offer its skills and competences in the exploitation of knowledge and the sustainable promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, UPatras has a leading role in the  design and development of the foreseen INTECMED matching platform (e-Bazaar of Innovation), which is a web-based platform where investors (e.g. banks, funds, business angels, private investors etc.) and innovators (researchers, entrepreneurs, citizens) interact in an efficient way. Finally, UPatras participates actively in all other workpackages.


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Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) | SPAIN

ASCAME was established in 1982. Its mission is to unite all the key players of the Mediterranean private sector in order to contribute to the economic and social development of the region. The Association represents a powerful advocacy for the business interests of the Mediterranean Chambers and companies by working closely with policymakers, stakeholders and opinion leaders. 

ASCAME is currently one of the most active partners in the ENI CBC Med Programme, Interreg MED Programme and EBSOMED, with the General Secretariat actively participating in 7 projects and network members active in dozens of them. Those projects go around topics such as sustainable tourism, efficient resources solutions, blue economy, innovation, entrepreneurship and SMEs management.

Apart from its proactive role in these projects, the Association has a long experience in organizing high-level multi-stakeholder international events across the Mediterranean region to foster cross border synergies and expand the opportunities for businesses and other groups of interests.

ASCAME is the leader for the communication deliverables at INTECMED project. Its role includes the coordination of all project partners in order to promote the project’s results, facilitate interplays and networking activities. In addition to that, ASCAME will also support the identification and mobilization of relevant stakeholders through its network and will contribute to the implementation of business matchmaking activities in collaboration with other project partners and associate partners.


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Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Shipping of Seville | SPAIN 

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville (CCSEV) is a non-profit Public Corporation established by Law as an advisory body to collaborate with Public Authorities, to which it represents the general interest of the companies in the region.

Aiming to contribute to the economic development in its region, CCSEV promotes internationalization, innovation, business promotion and entrepreneurship in close collaboration with the Regional Government of Andalusia. Through the VUE Programme (One-stop-shop for business creation), CCSEV together with the Local, Regional and National Authorities, provides assessment and support to more than 1.000 new entrepreneurs a year to create their companies.

CCSEV has several members and in the Province of Seville there are more than 100,000 business activities registered in the Chamber of Commerce. Tourism is a crucial sector in Seville and CCSEV maintains an excellent relationship with the sector and main associations, having developed various actions regularly.

CCSEV has worked in many programmes dealing with smes competitiveness, internationalization and innovation at regional level. All these programmes aim at supporting SMEs to innovate and internationalize through mentoring and providing subgrants.

CCSEV has a huge experience working on international programmes and projects. This experience will be an important asset for the project.

In INTECMED, CCSEV coordinates “WP3: Design of Business-Ready Innovation Mechanism”, bringing its large experience in the implementation and  Implementation of Business-Ready Innovation Mechanism”, supporting the definition of BRIM methodology. In addition CCSEV will also have a key role to set up the Regional Alliances for Innovation Transfer in Andalusia, bringing its large experience in the promotion and coordination of networks. CCSEV will also have an active role in the mentorship programme for business ideas.  


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Technological Corporation of Andalusia | SPAIN 

Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) is a strategic partner for innovation. It helps businesses, universities, public authorities and other bodies to successfully achieve their R&D objectives and valorise the results.

Founded in 2005, with the aid of the Andalusian Regional Government, it is a private foundation which works to promote innovation and comprises 165 member companies, we offer

  • As an innovation cluster:
    • CTA is a strategic alliance for innovation which is open to companies throughout Andalusia, regardless of their size or area of business. It enjoys the support of public authorities, universities, social agents and other bodies.
    • We help our member companies to successfully plan an overall strategy for innovation: from their R&D requirements and the formulation of projects to the search for business partners and the funding required to achieve their aims.
    • We are specialists in technology transfer and the evaluation and financing of R&D.
    • We have considerable experience in promoting transverse projects which are based on the seven sectors which are considered to be of maximum strategic importance for the Andalusian economy: Aerospace and Production Processes, Agri-foods, Biotechnology, Construction and Civil Engineering, Energy and the Environment, Leisure and Tourism, and ICT.
    • We have successfully pioneered our own unique model for the transfer and development of regional innovation and our methods have attracted interest from governing bodies and institutions from other autonomous regions as well as abroad.
  • As an advanced innovation services provider:
    • CTA helps businesses, universities, technology centres, public authorities and other bodies to achieve the maximum results from their R&D initiatives and transform the results into wealth creation and concrete business activities. Preferential terms for member companies.
    • The services we provide include: strategic R&D advice; evaluation of innovative initiatives; support for the internationalisation of R&D; consultancy in processes involving Procurement of Innovation by Public Bodies; support for technology scouting and studies and reports concerning ad hoc innovation.

With an active role in the design of the BRIM methodology and the mentorship programme, as well as the construction of the Andalusian Regional Alliance for Innovation Transfer, among others, CTA is responsible for the creation and management of the Andalusian Regional Innovation Facility Point.


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Cap Bon Chamber of Commerce and Industry | TUNISIA

The Cap Bon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, founded in 1994, has the mission of promoting the prosperity of the private sector and participating in the economic development of the region. The CCI Cap Bon is managed by an elected committee of 30 business leaders representing the business community of the governorates of Nabeul and Zaghouan in order to be the privileged voice of businesses and the essential place where the vision of development is articulated.

CCI Cap Bon works closely with public and private organizations to bring an integrated approach to the abundance of options available to help new startups, exporters and established businesses (manufacturers or service providers).

CCI Cap Bon has a vast and fruitful experience of several years to support and increase the international competitiveness of companies. CCI CAP BON provides a range of business support services for the business community, with a particular focus on accessing new markets and increasing sales.

CCI Cap Bon is currently one of the partners of the ENI CBC Med INTECMED program, around the theme of innovation and SMEs. And has already been associated with European projects promoting local and interactive tourism such as the Sud-Est-ARCHERITAGE project funded by the European Union within the framework of the CIUDAD.

Associated with national and international actors and aware of the contribution of cross-border projects, the CCI Cap Bon is one of the members of INTECMED and continues to be associated with this type of project to promote the creation of synergies in the social field and economic, creating bridges allowing a better valuation of commercial opportunities.

This INTECMED project will support CCI Cap Bon activity, in particular the mobilization of the partners concerned through its network and will contribute to the implementation of experience exchange activities in collaboration with other twinning partners to benefit from innovation and technology transfer.


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National Agency of Promotion of Scientific Research | TUNISIA

The National Agency for Scientific Research Promotion is a public scientific and technical establishment with a financial and administrative independence. It is under the authority of the Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research. It was established in 2008 and started its activity in 2010. It is an interfacing structure for bringing together research and socio economic environments through several mechanisms like MOBIDOC (mobility of young Phd and post Phd students in socio economic structures), Technology transfer offices, trainings, implementation and management of projects. 

Other activities allocated to the ANPR are the following:

  • Contributing to the implementation of national research programs;
  • Supporting the creation of transfer technology offices;
  • Attending public structures in the fields of intellectual property, promoting the results of research and technology transfer;
  • Contributing to the establishment and animation of research consortia;
  • Offering Financial management of research projects;
  • Playing the role of intermediation between research structures, companies and foreign partners;
  • Disseminating mechanisms related to the valorization of research results, technology transfer and the promotion of innovation concept;
  • The exploitation of results related to scientific and technological scouting.

The ANPR (PP6) has integrated the Intecmed Project in order to promote the creation of a synergy between the world of scientific research and the socio-economic world through identifying actions to strengthen expertise in Technology in order to create bridges allowing better valuation of research results: Transformation into products and services meeting the requirements of a competitive market.


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Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA) | EGYPT

CEEBA was founded in 2004 to create one powerful national pan European network to advocate on behalf of Egyptian Business for market access to the EU and to promote EU Egyptian Trade and Investment. 

CEEBA advocates on behalf of Egyptian Businesses for market access to the EU, promotes EU-Egyptian trade and investment, coordinates the activities of the European chambers and business associations and acts on behalf of non-existent bilateral chambers for EU member states. 

CEEBA is a recognized partner of EuroChambers and ASCAME and has been a major actor of Med Invest and other MEDA 1, MEDA 2 and is actively involved in 7 projects within the ENI CBC Med Programme. The ENI CBC MED projects are tackling issues and bringing innovation to sectors such as incubation, access to finance and SME support; water & renewable energy conservation as well as culture, heritage and sustainable tourism.

CEEBA is the leader of the Sustainability Programme of the INTECMED project, which aims to provide sustainability features to project deliverables to ensure the continuity and steadiness of their added value beyond the project’s lifecycle. The partner’s responsibilities include the management and oversight of the creation of a detailed sustainability plan for the ‘Business-Ready Innovation Mechanism (BRIM) methodology as well as cross-sector international and regional innovation transfer exhibitions synergies frameworks. 


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SEKEM Development Foundation | EGYPT

Is a private non-profit organization founded in 1984 and registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Foundation works to improve the quality of people’s lives by creating awareness and raising consciousness as well as improving living conditions.

Over the last two decades, the foundation has expanded its programme of activities from initial basic educational initiatives and it now implements a variety of projects and programmes in the field of social development, health care, education, and ecology.

Sekem was awarded ISO 9001 in 1997 and ISO 17025 in 2005. In 2003, the SEKEM initiative was awarded the Right Livelihood Award (the “Alternative Nobel Prize”) for its endeavors in sustainable socio-economic development.

SEKEM Development Foundation is managing and partnering in projects with a total budget exceed EUR10 million and with funding exceeding EUR 1 million with projects focusing on various aims including educating professionals on agri-food, working with agri-food startups for incubation, developing educational programs and schools to address sustainable agriculture, among other initiatives.

Sekem Development Foundation work with other PPs to define the BRIM as an annual process of “innovation discovery & enhancement” that will:

  • Identify business-ready research results by assessing their Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • Enhance marketable characteristics of new products & services
  • Support skills/team-building, networking of researchers & entrepreneurs
  • Enhance innovation management skills of public & private executives
  • Organize an annual technology transfer exhibition

Sekem will also support in the formation of the Regional Alliance for Innovation Transfer in Egypt that will be responsible for: focus of innovation discovery to regional smart specialization strategies & strengths, particularly on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) & other areas, assess Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of research results & perform pre-competitive analysis, and organize the operation of Regional Innovation Facility Points (RIFPs).

In addition, Sekem has the responsibility of organising and operating the Egyptian RIFP which is a small-scale  physical  places  where  activities  comprising  the Business-Ready Innovation Mechanism methodology (BRIM), will take place (call for ideas, living labs, mentorship programme, study visits, B2B, technology transfer exhibitions etc). 


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