INTECMED lance un appel pour financer 12 idées innovantes !


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In November, the INTECMED project will be launching a call for ideas, where the best 12 innovative business proposals will receive sub-grants for the development of new and innovative products/ services.

The project team will select 3 ideas per country, and award the prices as following:

  • 30.000 Euros for the 1st place in each country,
  • 20.000 for the 2nd place in each country and
  • 10.000 for the 3rd place in each country

This means that 200.000€ in total will be awarded across the Mediterranean.

The applicants will be invited to participate to the matching events in order to meet each other and find forms of cooperation in order to develop new products, services and technologies. The most promising 12 ideas will be selected and will receive subgrants which should finance the starting phase of the new initiatives that should be co-financed also by other investors.

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