InnovAgroWoMed-Espagne : JOVESOLIDES recrute du personnel enseignant pour le programme de formation ''Seeds''


The Asociación Jóvenes hacia la Solidaridad y el Desarrollo (with the acronym Jovesólides), The Spanish partner of InnovAgroWoMed project is hiring "Teaching staff for the training program ''Seeds: Training in entrepreneurship and social innovation for women in the agri-food sector''

The Terms of Reference (ToR) to participate in this call for applications are available in English at this link, and in Spanish at this link.

The deadline to participate:

JOVESOLIDES will be receiving proposals till one week before each unit training to start (check the attached "TORs" document)

Scope of work
The scope of work will include the following aspects: 

  • The selected person or team will coordinate with the project managers to design a training program in which the contents of the course are reflected, as well as the schedule and work plan required for the delivery of the training activity, in any case, appropriate to increase the skills and employability of the beneficiaries. 
  • The definition of the criteria that make up the evaluation system of the students of the course, as well as the tests and exams that evidence the learning of the teaching objectives and that make up the majority of the non-teaching hours. 
  • Plan and carry out quality control actions of the training activity object of the present contract, by means of online opinion surveys to its students once the training has finished. 
  • One or more persons could be eligible for each module, unit, modules or units. The person(s) may send us their proposals and CVs specifying the training contents. 

They will develop the training plan in the manner and form agreed in the contract and detailed in the Syllabus.

Application procedure:
On the basis of the training programme and the ToR available in English at this link, and
in Spanish at this link, please send us:

- The CVs of the teaching staff and the list of similar programmes or experiences.

- Your technical proposal and financial offer.

To Ms. Alicia Carpio Obré, Project Manager in Spain at the following address: 

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