InnovAgroWoMed a dispensé une formation aux femmes en Espagne pour un meilleur accès au secteur de l'agroécologie


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JOVESOLIDES, member of the Consortium of the InnovAgroWoMed project in Spain, organized at the end of September 2021 the second meeting of "Semillas" (seeds in Spanish): a space for sharing and learning. The participants benefited from various training sessions. The aim was to advance their business ideas and make their access to the labour market more attainable. 

330 hours of training already completed

At this meeting, held in the city of Xàtiva in the Valencian Community, the beneficiaries received training in communication, provided by Fani Grande, in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in this discipline and to show them the importance of communication in their entrepreneurial activities. They also began their mentoring and coaching sessions, led by two trainers: María Bernabeu and David Carnicer. The ultimate goal was to help them improve their business plans and facilitate their access to the agro-ecological labour market.

To further inspire them, the trainers also introduced them to two social entrepreneurship initiatives in the agricultural sector. 

So far, the beneficiaries of this training and coaching programme have already completed more than 330 hours of training in various topics, such as: social innovation in the agro-ecological sector (40 hours), sustainability and the agro-ecological sector (60 hours), business skills and entrepreneurship (200 hours), digital skills applied to the agro-ecological sector (30 hours)

Today a new appointment, new skills... for a better future

Today, 13 October 2021 is the first day of Module 5 of the "Seeds" training programme. The first topic will be dedicated to the "context and current situation of women in the agri-food sector. Perspectives of organic production in the Valencian Community: from conventional agriculture to agroecology". The second module will focus on "Labour rights and professional orientation: factors of discrimination against women in the rural and agri-food world; reconciliation of professional and family life". The last module will focus on "Women's empowerment and position within the agri-food sector: empowerment, self-esteem; management skills; negotiation".

More sessions to end 2021 with vigour & start 2022 more confident and empowered

In mid-December 2021, the beneficiaries will move on to the 6th and last training module, the "theoretical-practical training in the agro-ecological sector".

The first session of this module will be dedicated to "agro-ecological production; fundamentals and conceptualisation of agro-ecological products; certification process in the Valencian Community; implementation and management of organic farming; and case studies & visits in the fruit and vegetable sector".
The 2nd theme is based on "transformation of agro-ecological products; case studies and visits to the fruit and vegetable sector".

The last theme of the last module will deal with "marketing of agro-ecological products; local trade and local products; e-commerce; strategic design of customers in the digital age; customer service and introduction to export".

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