Impliquez-vous dans la feuille de route du projet ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM


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ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM’s rich and wide spectrum of public and private institutions give the project special and unique characteristics and scope as it is composed of ministries of agriculture of four different countries, chambers of commerce across the region, national syndicates and associations, centers of innovation and successful companies. 

How will ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM’s Road Map look like in the next months? We want you to get involved

  1. Sign ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM's Executive Agreement → Are you interested in taking action and signing the agreement? Write to us at and we will send it to you. 
  2. Fill out the survey → This is a crucial part as all the project work will be based on these findings. Please go and fill it out and share it with your colleagues, it will take you 12 minutes.

After identifying stakeholders and their needs we will share the results with competent authorities for organic agriculture to ensure system surveillance and build trust, develop support policies and subsidies to operators and MSMEs. In other words, we pursue to influence policymakers and let them know the needs of businesses and civil society across the region. 

  • National seminar 
  • National report

We will keep in the loop all the stakeholders via e-newsletters and regular communications via our LinkedIn Professional GroupLinkedIn  and Facebook pages.