HELIOS participera à la conférence de clôture en ligne du projet JobMatch2020 : l'économie bleue et circulaire comme opportunité d'emploi dans le cadre de la coopération transfrontalière Italie-Malte


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The creation of synergies between projects with similar objectives is essential to exchange good practices and maximize social impact on the target regions.

The pure concept of cooperation is based on this. 
For this reason, HELIOS promotes the creation of clusters and networks between projects with similar purposes: strengthen the social inclusion of young people and women in the Mediterranean region, by helping them to catch opportunities offered by the Blue and Circular economy sectors.

One of these projects is Jobmatch2020. 

About JobMatch2020
JobMatch2020 is a projectfunded by the European Union through the INTERREG VA Italy-Malta 2014-2020 Programme, arising from the real needs of the Sicily-Malta cross-border area, related to the labour market and cross-border mobility of workers.

The main Mission of JobMatch2020 is to promote, in both Sicily and Malta, the harmonization of recruitment processes, the mobility of young workers and their qualification, based on the needs of companies operating in Blue and Circular Economy sectors or interested in discovering the linked opportunities.

Its objectives are:
To Contribute to the development of new job opportunities, focusing on the two growing economic sectors of Blue and Circular Economy.
To Facilitate the match between job supply and demand in these two sectors, reducing the mismatch.
• To Promote the employment and cross-border mobility of young Sicilian and Maltese profiles, strengthening the entrepreneurial system of companies through the job matching and the activation of information, coaching, tutoring and internships services offered by the project.

HELIOS and JobMatch2020 have a common goal: promoting employment of young people through the opportunities generate from the Blue and Circular Economy sectors.

On the 12th February, the HELIOS staff will attend the online closing Conference of JobMatch2020. It will be a strategic chance to learn and to share the methodologies used by the Jobmatch2020 partnership to achieve its results. 

HELIOS Mediterranean network grows! Unity is strength, #GOMED!
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