HELIOS : nouvelle opportunité d'emploi en Italie


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ARCES Association, Lead Partner of HELIOS project, has published a selection notice of experts in Blue and Circular Economy to carry out project activities.

The selection notice is aimed at the creation of a short-list of Experts who will be invited to attend an interview to present their professional career, experience in field of cooperation projects and expertise in the selected Work package.

Experts will be responsible for:

1. profiling companies operating in the Blue and circular economy field) (Work Package 3).

2. delivering coaching and tutoring actions with leading mentors (Work Package 4).

3. developing curricula and targeted training/teaching (on site and online) based on needs analysis and tailored to the different types of NEETs (youth and women) (Work Package 5).

The deadline for submitting applications is February 22nd 2021 at 1pm (Italy Local time).

The application must be sent by email to the following addresses:

 The e-mail object must include:

  • Selection under the framework of HELIOS Project” (REF: A_A.3.1_0155 ). 
  • The selected Profile should be clearly indicated (e.g., WORK PACKAGE 5: PROFILE N.3).

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