[HELIOS] Focus sur l'économie circulaire : pourquoi est-ce si important pour l'avenir des jeunes?


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HELIOS project intends to increase job opportunities for NEETs (Not engaged in Education, Employment or Training) and women by organizing training courses tailored for them for the development of marketable skills in the Circular Economy sectors.

Let's discover something more about the Circular Economy!

Only in the European Union more than 2.5 billion tons of wastes are produced every yearand many of these end up polluting the environment. This huge amount of waste is the result of an economic system based on a linear production and consumption model "take-make-dispose”, nowadays no more sustainable by the Earth. 

In this context the Circular Economy, that part of Green Economy dedicated to the sustainable management of resources, acquired increasing importance.

According to the European Commission, a Circular Economy is a model that aims to “maintain the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible by returning them into the product cycle at the end of their use, while minimising the generation of waste”.

The Circular Economy process starts at the beginning of a product’s lifecycle through a smart product design and a production processes that can help save resources, avoid inefficient waste management and create new business opportunities.

In fact, HELIOS project looks at Circular Economy as an opportunity to strengthen Social Inclusion of NEETs and unemployment Women in the Mediterranean Region. 


The HELIOS courses will have an entire didactic module about Circular Economy, but not only this!

There will also be lessons and modules on Blue Economy, entrepreneurship and soft skills

It is an opportunity not to be missed to be competitive in the job market.

Soon, more details on the courses programme.

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