GREENLAND in Greece shares its experience to better define the needs of young unemployed people

Μs Eva Sarigiannidou communication manager of I-BEC, one of the Greek partners of GREENLAND and Ms Lena Kyropoulos, communication manager of ERFC,other Greek partner of GREENLAND,  are answering to Ms Federica Chippa from Efimeron, about the Communication process about the project.

According to them, redefining the term of NEET (people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training ) is necessary. There is a lot of competition among the different European Programmes which focus on re-skilling and upskilling NEETs. 
Finally, the best way to reach out the NEETS is to get them involved. In the case of I-BEC (Interbalkan Environment Centre), they managed to get young people involved through Youth Councils closed from Evros in Greece.