GREENLAND et CITRIVET ensemble pour transférer et mettre en œuvre des pratiques innovantes de valorisation des déchets d'agrumes dans les secteurs de l'économie circulaire

by Valerio Li Puma

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The promotion of the Circular Economy in order to revalorise wastes is one of the GREENLAND goals.

To support this purpose, it is important to create synergies between other projects with similar aims and exchange best practises, experiences and results achieved. For this reason, GREENLAND and CITRIVET joined their forces.



Citrivet project, funded by the European Union through ERASMUS+ Programme, aims to develop, transfer and implement innovative practices that enhance agricultural VET studies through the transformation of citrus waste in bioproducts (essential oils, biofuel and animal food).

Involving Project Partners from Spain, Portugal and Italy its mission is to:

  • promote the professional development of VET teachers strengthening their competences to introduce in VET curricula the transformation of citrus waste;
  • reinforce the employability of VET students through high-quality international work-based practices in the field of citrus waste valorisation;
  • strengthen the acquisition of key competences (English language, digital literacy) in agricultural VET studies, including disadvantaged learners.


What will be the result of this synergy? Which kind of opportunities?

The synergy of these two projects is based on the dissemination of opportunities related to the citrus waste in the frame of the Circular Economy.

The aim is to establish collaboration actions to share the networks of enterprises operating in the Circular Economy sectors,created by the two projects during their implementation.

This will facilitate the engagement of SMEs in GREENLAND activities and will increase the creation of a green network.

In addition, CITRIVET mentors could be involved in the GREENLAND training courses tailored for NEETs (Not engaged in Education, Employment or Training) and women that don’t want to miss the opportunities offered by Green and Circular Economy sectors. This participation could help to structure a shared methodology that makes the training path more complete and making the participants of the courses more competitive in the labor market!

Unity for a green future!


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