GREENinMED lance un appel pour des chèques innovation afin de soutenir l'efficacité énergétique et de l´eau dans les PME du secteur touristique


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On February, 26th, under GREENinMED framework,  the  Spain Chamber has launched  the innovation vouchers call that offers huge opportunities for Spanish tourism SMEs  , particularly, after the impact of COVID-19


One of GREENinMED’s objectives is to reduce water and energy consumption levels by 10%, through new innovative products / services. To achieve this objective, the Chamber of Spain will publish a call to select 10 innovative and tourism SMEs from the Spanish Mediterranean basin (Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands, Region of Murcia and Andalusia) each of which will receive an Innovation Voucher. 


The Innovation Vouchers will be awarded to the SMEs selected in this call in the form of advisory and support services to test or implement innovative solutions, in order to gain efficiency and effectiveness in water and energy management. These services will be provided by technological experts from the GREENinMED project, and hired by the Chamber of Spain. 


10 innovation vouchers, with a maximum budget of 2,000 euros (VAT not included), are available to finance the following services: 


  • Analysis of water and energy consumption, and simulation of possible savings to be achieved with the implementation of new technological solutions. 

  • Testing of new solutions for disinfection of water and energy circuits (COVID-19). 

  • Advice on the suitable solutions  to control and reduce water and energy consumption. 

  • Support for the design of new applicable solutions for the tourism SMEs. 

  • Analysis of  the current technology offer and feasibility to implement new solutions. 

  • Other advisory and support services to implement eco-innovative solutions in the beneficiary SMEs. 


The  call will be open  from  09:00h (Brussels time) on February 26th, 2021, to  14.00 h, March 15th, 2021.


The call and the participation form can be accessed by clicking here.


The  dates for Innovation Vouchers calls to be launched in France and Israel will be announced on the official  GREENinMED page soon.