GreenBuilding présente 10 principaux avantages du suivi énergétique des bâtiments publics !


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Would you consider including energy monitoring in your office building?  GreenBuilding team is here to show you 10 reasons to do so! Take a look at the list of benefits and then decide accordingly!

  • Benefit 1 - Allows access to building users to monitor energy flows and energy consumption

All these energy consumption components are available online through the e-tool application.

  • Benefit 2 - Allows access to the demand and supply of energy 

Allows access to the demand and supply of energy when using renewable energy sources.

  • Benefit 3 – Facilitates building users acceptance and commitment

Urges building users to comply with recommendations for reducing energy consumption.

  • Benefit 4 - Allows the identification of energy risks and opportunities 

It is crucial to include a method of identifying and evaluating energy and environmental aspects and refraining from energy and environmental risks.

  • Benefit 5 - Leads to reduced energy consumption and energy costs

The more information users of building have about energy consumption, the more convinced they are to make energy-efficient changes.

  • Benefit 6 - Minimises maintenance and repair costs

It will demonstrate the importance of an annual preventive maintenance operation that will ensure energy savings.

  • Benefit 7 - Improves comfort levels

Combined with an automated intervention in office equipment, will certainly lead to improved comfort levels for building users.

  • Benefit 8 - Allows the certification and validation of savings

The visualization of comparison analysis through charts, allows the certification and validation of savings in an objective way and make the energy management process even more comprehensible to the building users.

  • Benefit 9 - Drive carbon emissions reduction

Drive carbon emissions reduction through decreased energy and contribute to ambitious climate targets.

  • Benefit 10 - Facilitates the decision-making process

Contribute to the decision-making process for the energy interventions measures in the building.

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