GIMED : SHABAP, une start-up qui atteint l'efficacité énergétique et de l'eau dans les bâtiments palestiniens

SHABAP, Leaders International

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SHABAP is a start-up that uses low-cost sensors and artificial intelligence to assess the existing conditions of current buildings and suggests improvements to reduce energy and water consumption. “It aims to reduce the greenhouse emissions from buildings in Palestine, making homes less polluting, energy-saving and affordable to live in”, states Abdelhaleem Khader, the entrepreneur that has launched the project. At the same time, SHABAP improves the indoor air quality giving a state of peace and comfort.

Khader is working as Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at An-Najah National University. Actually, he received the Leaders International call for applications through an email sent by the university and suddenly he applied by submitting his idea. “As a Palestinian environmental activist, I have been impressed by the ENI CBC MED projects in the region and their impacts on the environment and communities of the Mediterranean”, shares the Palestinian entrepreneur.

In his own words, the trainings were very professional, well-planned and helpful. On the one hand, he wanted to apply his knowledge into practical solutions to the challenges we are facing at a national and global level. On the other hand, Khader wanted to encourage his students into green entrepreneurship by showing an example to them.

“The greatest help provided by GIMED is the intensive training and the customized guidance to young entrepreneurs. In addition, the competitive atmosphere helps to bring the best of participants seeking to win the awards”, says Khader. In this sense, SHABAP wants to provide a tool for homeowners, lending agencies and government to evaluate the current homes in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

SHABAP has prepared a professional green business model and has started working in the eco-design assessment of his idea. Though, the company has not been launched yet. In relation to this, Khader is ready to deal with expected legal, technical and societal constraints he might face. He has planned everything ahead and prepared himself for all expected challenges in the launching of the brand-new start-up.