De nos assiettes à nos modes de transport : comment être plus respectueux de l'environnement ? Conseils du projet GIMED

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Dear confines,

During this period of confinement, in this time of distress and alert, let us not fall into discouragement. More than ever, we need to join forces and share our best ideas, initiatives and thoughts to reconsider our role as citizens of this planet.  

During this period of confinement, let’s take a moment to engage in a serious and responsible reflection on a topic that concerns all of us: the situation of our planet and our environment.

Needless to say that the spectacular growth of the world economy for more than two centuries has taken place in despite of the environment, by massively consuming the exhaustible resources of the planet. It is high time to change our model.

So let’s opt for change!

We as GIMED community, we are committed to support green entrepreneurs with the aim to boost the development of eco-innovative ventures in order to create employment and drive the green and circular economy in the Mediterranean.  Below, we suggest some readings to keep you informed and help you make more environmental friendly choices:

1 - Let’s change our plate

We can eat well, eat healthy and above all eat sustainably by consuming less and producing differently.

2 - Let's switch to more sustainable energy sources

The impact of fossil fuels in the environment is a global concern. Today, the consensus for the future of energy is clear: developing renewable energy.

3 - Rethink our cities

We talk increasingly about ecological housing, green houses and new and more ecological building materials.  New potential opportunities in this field are offered to us, let's apply them for the benefit of our new cities.

4 - Eco-friendly transportation

We all can opt for new, cleaner and more environmentally friendly transportation.

Clearly, a lot of potential opportunities are offered to us today. Let's seize them, let's contribute to a cleaner economy, let's opt for different lifestyles, let's dare the " green " changes!