GIMED : où en sommes-nous ? Retour sur la deuxième réunion de gestion de projet tenue en ligne


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In the light of the Covid-19 situation and lockdown, the 2nd Project Management Meeting of the GIMED project took place online on 11th – 12th May 2020.

The GIMED consortium is formed by six different organizations from all over the Mediterranean region:  ARC-SCP/RAC in Spain, Berytech Foundation in Lebanon, Leaders Organization in Palestine, CONECT in Tunisia, Alexandria Business Association in Egypt and Fondazione Comunitá di Messina in Italy. All of them attended this online event to present the updates on the project implementation and to further discuss the planning of the next activities.

The main topic of discussion was the contingency actions that will be implemented in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The team is fully operative and keeps with the hard work to ensure the implementation of the activities in safe conditions and ensuring the impact of the project. 

This meeting was also an occasion  to discuss the lack of understanding of financial institutions about sustainable businesses and the need to support frameworks and incentives that are currently lacking. This idea is at the core of the development of the e-learning for finance institutions initiative and represents the results of the benchmarking work provided at local level by the partners.

This e-learning platform is being developed to enhance the knowledge of sustainable businesses and targets the following groups: entrepreneurs, Business Support Organizations, GIMED partners and financial institutions. The role of the partners in connecting with finance institutions will be relevant to ensure the use of this instrument. 

We are aware of the importance of communicating the work we are doing and the positive impact GIMED is creating. With this goal in mind, we have introduced additional tools to better measure our impact as well as the communication activities that will support us in reaching the right target groups. 

If you are a green entrepreneur from Lebanon, Italy, Palestine, Egypt or Tunisia connect with us on social media (@GreenImpactMED) and you will get more updates on how GIMED will support green entrepreneurs in your country!